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As many of my readers know, I applied for a Habitat for Humanity home in August, went to the meeting and filled out all the paperwork involved with getting it underway.

Then you wait a long time in my case nearly 6 months to see if you are approved for a home, on December 22, 2011, I was told I was approved! Fantastic News!

Well as it has went, my landlord found out and has given me 60 days to VACATE my apartment of nearly 14 years, wanting me out by March 31st, 2012, I had been packing since I found out I was approved by Habitat. Well to pour salt in an open wound from the landlord, this morning I have learned that due to my landlords letter to me, Habitat For Humanity has cancelled their in home visit and now tells me that it will be YEARS, before I could have a home. This is one small point that they do not disclose in their meeting.

Instead they have people speak on their behalf telling how they only waited 9-12 months and their homes were completed. I will admit with the landlord I had felt like a stool was kicked out from under me, but now this with Habitat, just leaves me sick.

I hate to publish a plea for help, for others I would not mind, but I find it hard to do for myself to ask for help. However under the circumstances and the brief window I have of 60 days and the fact that blog reaches many people out there. I am going ahead and ask.

I am in  serious need of a home to rent, at this point anything, I am a basket weaver and will be needing a spare room or dry basement  to weave baskets in, however a spare room would work also. I live in Rockingham Country of Virginia now, I have tried in the past to relocate to Albemarle Country (Charlottesville) and surrounding area, however that has been unsuccessful, but have not given up hope. Augusta and Rockingham would be fine also.

If anyone knows of anything I would greatly appreciate  hearing about it.


mcw1961 at  gmail dot com (you need to substitute the appropriate @ and (.) dot