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PICT1161This is not your typical roast garlic, in that I am not roasting the entire head of garlic.

The other day at Costco I happened to see Christopher Ranch California Heirloom MONVISO Peeled Garlic, and I could not believe the price, a 3 pound bag for only 3.99.

I thought this is worth trying, as most of the time I buy fresh garlic and either forget to peel it until it is too late, or it starts sprouting on me before I can get to it. I thought for 3.99 bag this is worth trying. on their website I found this in a recipe to roast the peeled cloves.

Now I have found a new snack, “Roasted Garlic”

Christopher Ranch Website

Roasted Garlic Soup with Parmesan Crisps

This recipe gives the directions for roasting peeled garlic cloves. Very simple and very easy.

I thought this would be so easy to have and make into garlic mashed potatoes.

 You might like to look at their recipe section and the entire website, it is very informative and has great recipes, but I am happy just being able to have the fresh peeled garlic at hand whenever I want or need it., and for such a good price.