Even though my surroundings have changed from the Shenandoah Valley and Dayton, Virginia area, to the Charlottesville, Virginia area. My fondness of heart still lies in the quiet and serenely beautiful Old Order Mennonite country side of Rockingham County.


You could not think that nothing adds to the calm and quiet surroundings like the gentle hoof beats down the streets and country roads of horse and buggies on the roads. Some thing you just do not experience unless you are living in an Old Order Mennonite or Amish area of the country.


The gentle rolling hillsides, the soft glow of the sun across the spring fields of annual rye grass. The farms and farmers busy at work in the fields. Mennonite women going on with their daily chores of house work and gardening.


I know and realize this scene is repeated in countless communities around the country, in non Mennonite and Amish farms everywhere, and this is not to minimize the efforts of all farmers and life in these rural areas. However there is some thing in this day and age when you still see women in dresses doing everyday work, or out in the gardens in their bonnets and prayer veils. This is a place where you walk back in time where very little changes in daily life except getting older as we all do.

The peace and solitude of country life is far removed from the fast pace of city life, where in most cases everyone lives out of the supermarket and bought foods or pre packaged, where as in the valley these families still home can 90% of there foods and freeze, dehydrate and other wise preserve the harvest in the garden, for enjoyment by all during the winter month. Rural living and baking and cooking are parts of life just accepted as normal by these groups. Old ways are modern ways in that the old ways of living never have died, they just co exist with modern life.

PICT0177  PICT0236


The pace of life in rural America is slower and easier on the body and spirit than the hustle and bustle of city life.

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