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PICT0160This week I finished a set of Danish Cord Chairs made by the Moller Company in Denmark. These were beautiful Cherry Chairs made in the 1960’s. The Danish Cord on the old seats had all been destroyed by cats clawing on them, what you are looking at here are the beautiful new woven seats.

Danish Cord is a very strong 3 ply twisted paper rope, even though Fiber Rush is used on many chairs, and is strong in its own right, Danish Cord, has a beauty and strength all it own. Plus the techniques used to weave the seats are entirely different from one another.

Danish Cord wraps around a series of “Danish L Nails” which are on the under side of the chair frame usually some where around 72-80 nails, on which the cording is wrapped around.

You will be able to tell I am new to blogging with this post, there are several close ups that I wanted to post, but have no idea how to rotate the pictures, so that you don’t have to lay on your sides to see them correctly.so for now, this is the only picture, there will be more to come though.