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066You have to believe me how sick it makes me when I look at the stats page of my blog and see how many people are looking at the static pages on the blog.

These pages were created when I had no clue what I was doing when starting my blog, I did not know the difference between a static page and non static. So I just made pages because other blogs had these pages.

When I go back and look at these pages I think how lame they look, they should have much more information on then so that when readers go to them, they have good content to read and actually something to learn from them.

As soon as I get this move from my current location completed of course addresses etc will need to change, Basketry, General Information and About etc. need to be completely updated.

So anyone visiting these pages please know even though I may not know much more about the inner workings of a blog /website I have learned a couple of things since I started this blog back in 2009. So Changes will come.

In the next year I am hoping to have more current pictures of baskets and hopefully my Basketry Blog connected to this one actually will have pictures of baskets and current information.

So please bare with me until these changes are made. I will post about changes to static pages as these do not get posted automatically since they are static.