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As I work more with photography and Lightroom, there are often pictures that do not really have any story behind them, but are to nice to leave in a Lightroom catalog/library. I will select several and post them on Wednesdays.

Pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.


Skyscapes-Cloudscapes-2  Skyscapes-Cloudscapes-3


Skyscapes-Cloudscapes-8  Skyscapes-Cloudscapes-9


Skyscapes-Cloudscapes-11  Skyscapes-Cloudscapes-10

Experimenting with Lightroom


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Tulips-10Even though I know that I cannot cause the Lightroom program to self destruct, it is with great apprehension that I click, Import or Export. I take a deep breath and hope that I can get the pictures where they need to be so that I can place them into blog posts in Jpeg format.

Well, to my shock and amazement the pictures did go to the locaction there were supposed to, what a relief. I am sure if I worked with all the program enough, and on a regular basis, it would become second nature. I am hoping it will.

I did the photography on these tulips last year, and forgot about them, until just now, this is a very pleasant suprise indeed. These were just experiments using my extension tubes, as well as to have things to play with in Lightroom, and learn something in the process.

I hope to make and additional post this week, as I was on the Skyline Drive this afternoon taking pictures and hope to process them this week. I have learned my lesson and the camera NEVER leave RAW mode now! So much more versatility in RAW!!

Green Foliage_-2     

Green Foliage_-4  Green Foliage_-5  Green Foliage_-6

Green Foliage_


Baskets-7Along with learning Lightroom all over again, which I will admit, today seems to be coming back to me fairly quickly. I am also showing work in progress on basket weaving, which I started back to at the start of the year. 2017 seems to be a year or returning to the creative things in life I like to do, basket weaving, photography and all that goes with it, blogging, and watercolor painting, which I have nothing of merit to show for it yet.

I will be making more substinative posts soon, everything I do seems to go hand in hand with blogging, all of which requires photography. It is my desire once I get the Lightroom going again I will be making topical posts with a direction.

Baskets-3  Baskets-8

Baskets  Baskets-9

There are now 3 times as many Oak Hoops and Handles hanging up drying as what these pictures show.



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Floral Close Up Photography (1 of 1)

Good Morning everyone, well yesterday my friend Gene Sandridge and I went up on the Skyline Drive, in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virgina along the Appalachian Trail. I took some pictures, which made me anxious to get home and figure out everything I had forgottne in Light Room!! Like learning it all over again!

I gave up yesterday and decided to start over fresh this morning, which took me about an hour, until I reached the point where I wanted to choose which of the 240 pictures on the card that I played with in Light Room, and wanted to group them into a folder and convert from RAW files to JPEG and export them, so that I can get them into several blog posts!! Guess what it is time for me to walk away now!!! I don’t have many hairs left to pull out, the few that I have I might like to keep.

Sunflower Petal Detail (1 of 1)I know there is a way to select say 20+ pictures of the 240 images, and export only those from the develope module and convert only those to JPEG and export them to the pictures in a file on the computer so that I can pick and choose for a blog post. OH for the gift of sound mind! I know the answer is right in front of me. If any of the photographers that read my blog, can send me in the right direction, it would be most greatly appreciated. Smile

So in order to get back into the swing of posting to my blog, I am going to choose some images, from the past for today.

It is my goal this year to once again return to posting several times a week, on topics such as photography, sceenery of the Shenandoah Valley, basket weaving which I started in earnest again this year. watercolor painting etc. It has taken a long time over the past five years for the rollercoaster I was on slow down and come to a stop, and back to a normal settled life where I can once again start doing everything and finally get a routine to life back once again.

mitchellwebster_4-001_thumb1 Ribbed BasketsPeople have written to me asking me where the Canning, and Mennonite and Amish recipes have gotten to, well to tell you the truth, it has been very difficult for me over the past several years to concentrate on cooking the recipes and doing the photography for the foods which I can no longer eat, due to Diabetes and insulin, unfortunately for me, it is rampant on both sides of my family and nothing that I can do, could stop it. It is what it is, I just have to learn to deal with it, and try to figure out how to do the the cooking /baking I used to do, without eating any of it, as I did make everything to do my own photography.

mitchellwebster_2_thumb1 Ribbed Baskets  mitchellwebster_1-001_thumb1 Ribbed Baskets

williamsburg-low-basket-with-cane-braid-handle_thumb  xlarge-deep-gathering-basket_thumb


This week I will be getting a years pass to the Skyline Drive, so that I can go up multiple times per week to do two things, walk and exercise for diabetes, and see something new every time I go, and to do nature photography which I love, so this gets me out of the apt. and helps me health wise and gives me plenty of material to blog about.

flowers-and-macro-058_thumb       img_2138_thumb



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I will admit it was not until recently I had heard this term “FLOW STATE” while visiting with a good friend and talking about photography. My friend Kieth Sprouse mentioned it while working on editing some photographs he had taken. This term intriqued me as a light bulb came on, that I knew what it was and had experienced it myself, but never knew it had a name for me it was just a wonderful state of being.

I asked Kieth what he meant by flow state? He was certain that when he told me I would have experienced it. It is when you get so involved in what you are doing, it seems as though minutes have passed by, yet in reality hours, had passed by. Bingo I had a name for it now, before for myself it was just a “Beautiful State of Being”

IMG_4582  IMG_4598

It was in this state of being that I had done some of my most beautiful weaving! For me it generally involved classical music, as in classical music for myself there always seemed to be an underlying current, a current that you could not quite put your finger on. It was not the tempo, it was like the steady flow of a gently flowing stream or babbling brook, constant. It was like the storm raging above the brook, (tempo) but the stream did not change its flow, it was steady. Like you were tapping into an unseen part of the music.

IMG_4001-2  Floral Close Up Photography (1 of 1)

For myself, my hands were doing the work (weaving the ribbed basket), independently of where your mind was. Either I would see pictures of new designs in baskets (in my mind) or just come into a state of “Knowing” which cannot be explaind. I remember once having all the ribs in a basket where you just stared weaving the body, while listening to the complete Vivaldi’s Four Seasons” one afternoon I remember it was around 4pm when I started. I had compiled music that I loved hearing which would run for hours; when suddenly I snapped out of it The body of the basket was completed, I looked out the window, thinking I don’t remember any part of the weaving process, and What?? It is dark outside!!! I looked at the clock and it was 11pm, I had been weaving for 7 hours, yet I was stupified! It felt like no more than 30 minutes had passed by!! “FLOW STATE”

Finally the experience had a name thanks to Kieth! All my life this happened with studying Piano, drawing, painting, most any form of art. It is just a wonderful and beautiful experience,for which there are no word to describe, when it is over you are energized, as if you had done no work at all. With what most people would term the mundane, agonizingly boring thing in piano, that there is, your practice of scales, inversions, candences and arpegios. These are the rudiments of music which must be learned and memorized so that you can call on them at anytime in music, when needed. This is how I practiced piano 2 1/2 hours in morning and again in evening (5 hours per day total) I thought it was normal and that everyone did it, and could not understand why people hated it so! I just followed the “flow” you kind of got into it, Mrs. MacEnderfer, (my teacher) always commented on the flow of scales, into inversions, into cadences, into arpegios, as if all were one piece of music in and of itself. I said I don’t know I just feel like I become the music, believe me 2 1/2 hours, twice a day just seemed like minutes

Orange Portulacca 2 (1 of 1)  Orange Portulacca (1 of 1)

When I had a name to put with an action, state of being, I realized in most artistic endeavors, it is like I become the music, I become the art, I become whatever I am doing, I am the music, I am the art, “I AM” everything just seems to come from within.  I am not seperate from, but it all comes from within! How? Don’t Ask, I don’t know! It just Is.

Believe me when I tell you, I still have to work at what I do, to learn these things, however when this “Flow State” starts coming it is like a dam bursts and knowledge just is there. However it does still take work in the begining. With painting just as with music, there are the rudiments to be learned, color, light, dark, texture, many things to be learned in the begining, some of which I know since I have dabbled in watecolor from the 70’s, perhaps one day I will be able to get a keyboard and pick up where I left off in piano. One thing at a time.