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I know many of you reading this post may not have ever had any contact with the Old Order Amish or Mennonites, to you they are viewed as an oddity, curiosity or even in some places as a cult.

People who dare to be different in one way or another are often viewed this way, especially people who do not conform to society, people who do not choose to adopt technology when it is all around us in our everyday lives. People who choose to live off grid, or separate themselves from society period..

   The life of the the Old Order Mennonites and Amish is just that different from our own, yet even though they seem worlds apart from the way most of us live in todays modern high speed world of vastly modern and ever growing technology theses people live quiet simple lives and they are right here among us.

   Some people say that are unfriendly and aloof to them, however I think as far as the Old Order Mennonite colony here in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, they tend to be the warmest group of people, friendliest that you would want to have dealing with. They don’t care if your beliefs are the same as theirs, if you show up in their shops or stores with shorts on, or women with cut hair, your ways are different from theirs, and they accept that.

I have found most people that say these things or make these assumptions about Mennonites and Amish peoples have never tried to approach them or engage them in conversation.

   The are normal people like you and I , that happen to dress differently, not drive automobiles, and live a different way of life. They are to be admired for their tenacity in todays world to cling to the old ways, and try to live a God Fearing life in the modern world.

There are many who have shops of their own, buggy shops, (you need a car, you go to a car dealer, they need a buggy you go to the buggy shop) harness makers, bonnet makers, covering makers, fabric shops, bulk food shops. In many ways they are just like everyone else, just dare to be different.

I will write more each week to be posted on Sundays.

Pictures are of both Amish and Mennonites.

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