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New Computer Desk

While this work area is very much different from what I knew as a basket weaver, it certainly does not take up the vast area that basket weaving did.

I have not given up basket weaving, it is just on hold until a time when the limitations of space constraints can allow me to weaver once again. Until then this is my new work area, many things can be worked at within the limitations of a small apartment.

Computer and Research Desk 2 of 12 (2 of 2)  Computer and Research Desk 3 of 12 (1 of 1)

It is amazing what can be accomplished at at 36” x 145” desk, all construcked without screws, just Birch plywood, and pine trim, the one thing to be attached is the pine “L” trim, meant to be used as corner molding on walls, it neatly hides the raw edges of the plywood desk top and shelving.

The desk took 2 full sheets of Birch plywood with nothing wasted, all parts were stained in natural and several coats of varnish applied. All the shelving is supported and seperated by empty cigar boxes fo various shapes and sizes for what I needed. (a very good use for empty cigar boxes)

The desktop is supported by a two drawer file cabinet, my mothers desk, (provides drawers) and a six foot table from Costco.

My 37” flat screen Smart TV., works nicely as my computer monitor with the assistence of an HDMI cable, since i do not watch much television, this double much nicer as a monitor with much better resolution than most computer monitors at a fraction of the price, should I decide to watch something on TV, just change the HDMI input and there is the TV.

This use of the television is wonderful for working in Photoshop and Lightroom. The desk also has my Computer and Research Desk 4 of 12 (1 of 1)research area where I can set and read books and magazines and make notes. Contrary to popular belief there are some of us in this technological age of computers, smart phones, net books, note books, laptops and I-pads that actually still prefer at time to curl up or set at a desk and read from a book or magazine. I will freely admit to getting tired of constantly looking at a monitor, plus you can curl up with a good book or magazine where you cannot with a computer.

This desk/workstation suits a small apartment nicely and make work flow easy for doing websites, blog posts, even some photography as what I call the research end easily fit my foam core and other photographic needs, as well as more space if and when needed in my art room.



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Viola (1 of 1)  Viola Profile (1 of 1)

I am finding just like everyone has told me, you just have to get in there and play around with the settings to be the absolute truth. Experience is the best teacher!

What I really need to learn how to do is to be able to show before and after shots of the pictures that I fine tune. I try really hard to have my flowers appear realistic, from what I remember seeing. There is a fine line between washed out and unrealistically saturated. Though I am finding it to be rather easy, perhaps to easy, I will do it and see if someone comments.

It is nice to take a completely washed out picture, that I must admit there are some in which I was having a blonde moment apparently (you cannot tell now, but I was born with blond hair) and take it from hiddeous and resurrect it and bring it back to reality.

Sunflower Interior (2 of 1)  Sunflower Petal Detail (1 of 1)

The above were shots of two different types of sunflowers, the first I liked for the contemporary way it turned out running diagonally through the frame with the stamens more in focus. The second, I liked more for the veining detail in the petals. In all the pictures the detail shows up best when enlarged (by clicking on them)

Lilly Bud (1 of 1)  Rose - Yellow (1 of 1)

Below we have Mallard Ducks at Wildwood Park, Bridgewater, Virginia from early this Spring. If you live in the valley, and want a beautiful day in the park along the river, you cannot beat Wildwood Park.

While the second pricture is not a very pretty picture with all the debri from winter rains etc. stuck on the dam, it is hard for me to get to the park during the golden hours, of course it had to be high noon and the sun, glare was brutal off the water, even with a polarizer on the lens, using Lightroom, I was surprised how much better the photograph was able to be made, vs the washed out original.

Mallard Ducks (1 of 1)-2  The Dam (1 of 1)



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Well here I go, I have started and stopped so many times, this morning seemed right to me to get started and dig in and see where it takes me. So please forgive any pictures that do not look right, as I have been truly playing around with the settings and adjustments in Light Room, trying to see what I come up with!

I do welcome all comments from the professional photographers that subscribe to my blog to help me know what and where you think I have done something wrong so that I know and can plan on not doing that again.

You have to start somewhere and here is where I started let me know for good or bad, over done, under done, or no where near the ball park! LOL Smile

Floral Close Up Photography (1 of 1)  Babies Breath

Stock Close Up (1 of 1)  Sunflower Close Up (1 of 1) 

Tulip Close Up (1 of 1)  Sunflower Interior (1 of 1)



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Good Afternoon Everyone, this is just a short post to let everyone know that i am still alive and so is the blog!

Since the first of the year I have been going doing some soul searching on the direction my life and the life of the blog is taking. It has been 5 years I believe since I have been in a position to weave baskets (miss it very much) as it requires both creativity and analyitical uses of your brain. I enjoy both very much. However there comes a time when life must move on. Until such a time presents itself that I can find a place with the space to do it all correctly. So that I can come up with the same high quality work I was accustom to producing, I need to concentrate and put my energies into work that can be done within the confines of a small apartment.

I have been researching what is needed and involved in building a self hosted website. (based on the blog) and the art that I have done past and present. Just becuase the ability to be creative with basketry and chair caning / seat weaving is not exist at the present time where I live, does not mean the knowledge of sharing those things is not present.


I am looking forward to posting again on the array of topics that I have posted on over the years, as well as working to develope the new website, this can be done within the confines of a small space. Plus it keeps my mind alert and active., and gets me out into the world, because a blog and a website needs photography.

In the past couple of years I had went into a slump, on posting the most requested for recipes for Mennonite and Amish cooking, mainly due to the fact that I was now living with blood sugar problems. I have at least worked out in my mind now a strategy for overcoming this obstacle. I can cook regular food, photograph and share with friends and neighbors and others, enjoy a taste for myself (to ensure that the recipients are happy)  as well a expanding my recipes into the recipes into a healthful (not meaning Mennonite and Amish cooking) is non healthful, but for people on restricted diets. I am looking forward to posting about container gardening and other peoples gardens as well. Just a few of the many topics I am intersted in as many of you know the diversity of the blog. 


I will be posting on photography, as well as things photographed. As well as on the small arts ie watercolor painting and perhaps even more card making as these are small arts for confined areas.