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Pleasant View Old Order Mennonite Church ~ Dayton,Virginia  Pleasant View Old Order Mennonite Church ~ Dayton,Virginia

Several Sunday’s ago, we had a very low humidity day, while this does not effect the photography, it does make for a much happier photographer. While Pleansat View is just that, it has a pleasant view in any direction you look, however being located at the top of a hill, your options for photography are very limited with a full churchyard of horse and buggies. There are not many options that allow you to get far enough back to be able to get a shot and remain on a public road, without running around in someones field.

Pleasant View Church B&W -Sepia (4 of 6)

The pictures were taken on the lower south eastern part of the churchyard, going down the hill, as if you were traveling down towards the harness shop, this is a good place to pull off the road, and get out and move around, however with all the church doors and windows open I do not want to be seen running around with a camera. Next time I go, I will drive down the road going west from the church, like I am going to Rocky Cedars (Ruth & Etta Showalter’s) business on down the the road, there I will be down the road and can get a picture of the church and buggies in the churchyard looking eastward.

Pleasant View Church B&W -Sepia (2 of 6)  Pleasant View Church B&W -Sepia (3 of 6)

Sometimes some subjects look better in color, while others look good in black & white, or sepia. Working in Lightroom and with RAW files, this is the nice part you can experiment with pictures and never loose the original. Once you get past the fear of making a mistake, you can actually have fun with it. I am finding out exactly what I have been told from the beginning, you learn through experimentation. You can watch all the videos, read books, in the end the best teacher is to just get in there and experiment with the subjects at hand.

Pleasant View Church B&W -Sepia (1 of 1)

I am including one color shot of the churchyard, to compare the differnces of what you perceive in color, which for me, your eye tends to wonder all over the picture, taking in everything. In black and white, I think you, in this case tend to be drawn to the main focal point which are the horse and buggies, an dthe detail of the buggies, horse harnesses, etc. I have been experimenting for the first time with adding some sepia, which may make some cringe, however being there that morning and noticing the sun coming through the trees against the black buggies, I thought added the feeling of warmth.

Pleasant View Church B&W -Sepia (1 of 6)  Pleasant View Church B&W -Sepia (6 of 6)

Plain and Simple it is all about experimentation. I want to go back one day and actually take more time and do a better job with the photography, I do so much better using the tripod, and I think next time I will use one. I still have a lot to learn, what is too dark in black & white, the only way is to just continually make adjustments.

As always more detail show up when you enlarge the pictures from the post. I will admit that I do not know how they look or show up on a smart phone, as I do not have one. I leave if up to you to tell me how they show up on your smart phones. Please let me know. Through WordPress all posts are to made to adjust to your different sizes of phones, computers and i-pads. (Supossedly)