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Well today is getting off to a good start, I have finished several childrens chairs with splint bottom seats in them. Plus a really large Shaker style arm chair. I am not sure if it will show up in the picture or not but it was painted black many, many years ago and shows signs of wear.

This chair had an unusually large seat, the front rail measured 22 inches, making for a very comfortable and roomy place to rest, considering the average kitchen chair is only 16″ on the front rail. I think that it turned rather well and I think the customer will be pleased.

This style of chair probably originally had a rush seat in it, or if a true Shaker chair would have had a Shaker Tape Seat. However since chairs today are well used and not just occassionally, a splint bottom in the chair will make for a very comfortable and forgiving time.


Shaker Style Arm Chair