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Mountain Vistas~Elkton,VA (2 of 5)

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Recently I have started to take short drives around different area of my part of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, which happens to be the areas of Harrisonburg, Dayton, Bridgewater & Elkton. These towns and cities, are in the Counties of Rockingham, North Western Augusta, and Shenandoah in Virginia.

Mountain Vistas~Elkton,VA (1 of 5)

Unless you live in these areas, I do believe most people take the quickest route to their destinations, using interestate and quicker routes designed to get you places faster. Unfortunatel to those passing through Virginia, as well as living here, they miss so much, in the way of beauty and relaxation by not getting off the interstates and other four lane highways and making the trip part of the vacation.

Mountain Vistas~Elkton,VA (3 of 5)

While this was just a short trip, close to home within 10 miles, the views in this post were taken about 3 miles from my home, yet views like this are ever present along the Blue Ridge in the eastern counties of Rockingham, Augusta, Shenandoah and Page. If you just get β€œOff The Beaten Path” and make exploration part of your vacation or Sunday drives. It is amazing how quickly you can become relaxed just driving the countryside, even in just a 10 mile radius. We miss so much by always being in a hurry and taking the fastest route to our destinations.

Mountain Vistas~Elkton,VA (4 of 5)

Alas sometimes from a photographic standpoint in todays world beautiful views are encumbered by telephone and electric poles along the way, sometime the views are in areas where it is impossible to pull off the road enough to get a good shot, that is if you are a photographer, however this does promote exercise in finding the right place to pull off the highway, and walk to find a good location. Each week just take a couple of minutes or an hour or so and explore the area in which you live, find the natural beauty that surrounds you and give yourself a break from the hurried stresses of life. These photos were taken with thirty minutes of where I live in Elkton, VA.

Mountain Vistas~Elkton,VA (5 of 5)