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PICT0705Do you remember decades ago as I do (yes decades ago) when you used to pile in the car and take the Sunday drive into the country (gas was CHEAP) just to explore the countryside and see where all those little back roads led to?

Today with sprawling cities it does mean that you must drive miles and miles just to find the country, well I am fortunate in that the countryside surrounds me. Though there is not much money these day due to the price of gas and cost of living, so the trips are not so spontaneous, however sometimes you don’t have to look much further than your own back yard.

Sometimes in this fast paced hustle and bustle environment that we all live in we become blinded to the fact that the beauty of nature is all about us, we just have to take time to see it. This is one thing that being an Old Order Mennonite taught me years ago, do you know how much more beauty you can see traveling in a buggy at 10 miles an hour vs. 55/65 miles per hour? Your senses take in so much more. While yes I do drive a car these days, I still think like I am driving a horse and buggy, especially when I am on country roads. Just take time to see the beauty around you, :”Let Yourself Become part of the Journey” rather than concentrating on the destination!

This past weekend, I had company from Williamsburg, VA , every time they come up they want to drive into Old Order country, and tell me “Take Us Places that we have not seen before” I will share some pictures in this post with PICT0670the calm beauty of one farm during our early morning drive,

This is located in the small village of Spring Creek, Virginia, the country road divides the farm in half, calm and peaceful beauty. Pictures are worth a thousand words indeed.

This is the farm of Anthony Zimmerman

On the one side of the road you will find the Spring Water raised fresh water trout ponds, the home, his wife’s Fabric Shop “Spring Creek Fabrics” and beside that Anthony’s Machine shop, all of it looks out on this serene pastoral beauty, the actual spring is up the road from the farm,  near the house and shops you look across the road at this calm and peaceful setting.

If you find yourself in the area, and it is a Sunday, please be respectful, as the the Zimmerman’s are conservative Mennonites, their shops are NOT open on Sundays nor do they transact or talk about business on Sundays.

The village of Spring Creek is located approximately 4 miles west of the towns of Dayton and Bridgewater, Virginia

Note: In addition to the Fabric Shop, Machine Shop, Anthony does sell his Spring water raised trout, for 3.00 each and will clean them for and additional 25 cents each.

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