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IMG_3576I wanted to take this opportunity to express my sincere Thankfulness and Gratitude for the benevolent generosity of all that donated personally and through the GO FUND ME campaign. With out your help and support a car to replace the one that died in the January accident would never have been possible.

Having been on a fixed income for the past decade, has  made savings a near impossibility. This 1996 Toyota Camry with just 117,000 miles on it could never have even been a possibility for me without the love and support of friends and strangers alike. Amazing the car came to me on my birthday May 30th!

I just want to tell you all how much I sincerely appreciate what you all have done for me in giving me back my freedom to travel once again.

I also want to thank Carolyn Garber and Diane Bowman, for the many trips they made to Elkton from Broadway and Rawley Springs, Virginia to pick me up and take me to medical appointments every two weeks since January. Without them I am uncertain where I would be today. Thank You Carolyn and Diane! Thank you both for your sincere friendship over the past 25 years. You both are the best friends anyone could ever wish to have!