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IMG_2353Wilted Lettuce Salad is a family favorite, a simple and easily made salad. It can be made with loose leaf lettuce, dandelion greens, however in more recent years I have started using Romaine Lettuce cut into shreds. This is really a simple salad and will keep a couple of days in the fridge so that you can easily have some with every meal.

Basically it is yet another one of those dishes for which no real recipe was made, it consists of Lettuce or tender young greens, boiled eggs, onions, spring green, fresh garden or a simple onion from the store. and if you have it fried bacon is good in it as well. Mix all these together (of course you coarsely chop or slice the boiled eggs, the yolks will dissolve into the dressing, adding another layer of flavor and texture to the salad.

IMG_2365The dressing is easy, you can use cream, however I always use half & half, put a teaspoon of sugar in and stir it with the cream or half and half, taste it to see if it the sweetness you like, add more if you like it a bit sweeter, then add several tablespoons Cider Vinegar to the mixture, stir and the dressing becomes smooth and thick, you can also add dry mustard to the mixture is you wish, when I do this I always use Coleman’s Dry Mustard Powder (British) it is a bit hotter than American dry mustard and has more flavor. (a little Coleman’s goes a long way)




Like many old country recipes you can make this to suit whatever size you want from an individual serving to a bowl full

The following is the amount I used for 1 1/2 heads of romaine and 3 boiled eggs and 1 medium onion chopped.

1 Cup Half & Half

2 tsp. Sugar

3-4 Tablespoons Cider Vinegar

Stir and pour over the salad and mix around (toss) until well coated, it is best to cover and refrigerate for at least and hour or longer before serving, and as you might have guessed by now you are waiting for the vinegar dressing to wilt the lettuce and the flavors to blend and marry. You will notice as you eat this and it sets for a day or so the vinegar flavor will be less as time goes by, simply add another tablespoon of vinegar and or less as you wish and stir. perhaps a bit more sugar to taste.

As I said this is one of those recipes for which there is no recipe you just whip it up, you can have more or less of any ingredient in it just how you like to make it.