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There are some days when you walk around looking at things to inspire your to take pictures, the sad thing is that nature is all around you, there are always things to photograph, yet like the mountains that surround me, which are fixed, and always there do not seem to change at all, even though everyday the trees and plant life do change. The skies above the mountains are in constant change, you just have to learn when to finally stop, from second to second the clouds unfold before your very eyes, and yet they seem to be the most ignored.

I have lived on both sides of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, the West and the now the East, and yes actually in the middle. I have found it to be amazing at the difference in the cloud structure as they pass over the mountains on the western side crossing to the eastern, however here in Elkton, VA the clouds seems to explode in billowing majesty as the bank up next to the Blue Ridge, almost every day or every second of everyday they just explode in beauty against the bright blue skies.

The one thing I need to learn to do in photography is capture the dramatic effects of how brightly the sun enhances the textures and the deep blue skies behind them, the effects never comes out as vivid as I would like to portray. If anyone has suggestions please share them with me. I was using a polarizing filter when shooting these pictures.

IMG_3259  IMG_3104

IMG_3096  IMG_3114

Sometimes the clouds can look like mountains themselves with sky and clouds above them.

IMG_3124  IMG_3128

I did not realize that I had got a picture of a bird in the clouds until I downloaded the images.

IMG_3135  IMG_3115

IMG_3129  IMG_3152

Of course we all know what this is, the moon! The two shots made with each of my two lenses.

IMG_3132  IMG_3140