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CLOUDSCAPES 054Good morning,afternoon and evening to everyone where ever they may be in the world. I start out by greeting everyone this way today, because I have found that I have readers, followers and subscribers from all around the world after 6 years of blogging. WordPress statistics show that my blog has been read in over 130 countries for he past several years!

I have blogging friends that are cooks, chefs and home canners, gardeners, artists, musicians and now many are photographers.

It is to the photographers today that I make this post and need to ask a question of my readers. While has many good themes and I have used them all the years I have been blogging, and will continue to use for this blog.

A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY 6-20-2014 147  A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY 6-20-2014 149

I find it necessary to start two other websites using platform, so that I can sell my art work online. I am currently working on the preliminary plans for a basket website and also a photography website. I believe I have a theme picked out for the basket website, however the photography is another whole story entirely.

I am wanting to ask my photography readers that use for their websites which themes they have picked and why or what really struck them in functionality or ease of use to make them choose the themes they chose. I have also been directed towards other themes that use the platform, and read reviews on some of them, of course with anything you have an abundance of FANTASTIC EVERYTHING, to DOOM DISPARE AND MISSERY ON END, reviews. So I thought it was best to ask those that use these themes what they thought about them.

A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY 6-20-2014 161  A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY 6-20-2014 162

I know if you choose a premium theme through, you can go to their forums and if you need a string of code, I have been told some nice member out there will write a string of code for your situation, as I will admit here right now that I am no computer geek (sorry for the term) I have learned a lot on my own over the years as to the use of plug ins,widgets etc. however I do not know html or css, this is not to say that I cannot learn enough to do what needs to be done, however…………………..

Some of the themes outside of the site itself that has been suggested is  Photocrati and themes by Theme Forest, however there are many others to choose from as well. I just thought I would ask those that use the themes and also offer their photography and art for sale online to give their opinions.

Any help, assistance, comments or things to consider would be greatly appreciated. I know this will take some time to review information and make an informed decision.

GERANIUMS 6-03-2014 014As of now in photography my main interests lye in Product Photography, as I need to know how to do this for my baskets and should the day come that I can not longer do baskets, I also love to do precious metal clay work, glass fusing, watercolor painting (blogging) writing. gardening and of course everything that you  would love to share with the world takes photography in one form or another. As well as product photography I also have a great interest in macro photography is landscape photography. Photography for me is very challenging to the mind, and I like that.

If anyone feels so inclined to voice an opinion, pose a question, tell me what they like about their chosen theme (s) please let me know by leaving a comment, or emailing me at

Many Thanks to you in Advance



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EARLY MORNING FLOWERS 6-23-2014 002Yesterday I had a wonderful and insightful talk with a photographer in the shop where I work part time, his name is Keith, and I am so sorry I do not remember his last name but am hoping that I see him sometime today so that I can find out his last name.

As of now I like to do flower photography as you all know by now, as well as Macro photography, also I am intrigued by the stopping of of motion in mid air, such as dropping fruit into a vessel filled with water and catching the moment that it hits the water and the splashes made from it. As well as so many other things done this way.

EARLY MORNING FLOWERS 6-23-2014 005Also being a flower lover, I love to see the hidden world within that we cannot see with our naked eyes, the intricate detail of a flowers reproductive system so small that we often forget that they even have one. God has made beauty in forms so very tiny that we often overlook the wonders of nature hidden from the human eye. The Marvels and Mysteries all about us in our every day life.

This morning while dead heading my geraniums about 6 am I noticed that my first Cardinal Flower Vines are starting to bloom, I am anxious to see the glories within these tiny little trumpet flowers and see the world that is much smaller than our own. Next will be the illusive Moon Flowers, with their intoxicating fragrance as the suns sets and they start to come into their glory only to be seen and enjoyed after dark and in the middle of the night!

EARLY MORNING FLOWERS 6-23-2014 011Unfortunately, God had other plans for my vine garden on my deck this year, I had already bought all the supplies for the homemade trellis for the Red Madevilla vine, trumpet vine and the moon vines to climb on.. the first thing to die was my 20 year old cordless drill , to drill all the holes for the trellis, then upon that was a a dis in my my neck that is impinging upon my left arm nerve, needless to say the pain is a killer, but I am coping with medicatoion and soon physical therapy to correct the problem (hopefully)

I thank God everyday that he lead me to the Manfroto Carbon fiber tripod with the horizontal center arm, that has allowed me to take pictures without really lifting much weight at all. Truly God does in Mysterious Ways His Wonders to perform, long before we ever know a problem will exist to use it.

Plus the wonderful Manfroto Pistol Grip Ball Head, that has to be the easiest (for myself) to move around ) I love them both, and they both once set up allows me to experiment with anything I want to without lifting lots of weight, while my neck is the way it right at the moment.


I am anxious to get out and take some landscape photography,, however this must be God’s way of saying to concentrate on Macro photography fro the time being.

EARLY MORNING FLOWERS 6-23-2014 008This brings me to a question for my photographer friends out there and this is on Lighting like Keith and I were talking about yesterday. While I must admit to all of you my name is NOT Bill Gates, and resources at a premium most of the time I need to save and buy something at the end of each month to aid me in photography. Lighting is the next big thing on the list.

I know the photographers that read my blog (Thank You )  follow many different genres of expertise and I am very curious to see what types of lighting you prefer, from continuous lighting, to strobe lights, speed lights with masters and slaves. My main goal in all of this was to shoot my own product photography for art jury quality photography for my baskets, while all photographs should be the best of the best, I need these to be the really the best of the best for the jury process into the Smithsonian Craft Show in Washington DC.

EARLY MORNING FLOWERS 6-23-2014 017For product photography in general do you like to use Continuous lighting with soft boxes etc., Strobes, flashes etc. Also along the same lines since I like to freeze the action of some product photography items dropping into water etc. And then as well as landscape photography, do you all have all these different lighting systems for each type of lighting situation required?  Do you know if there is  what I call a bridge lighting system that while may not be ideal for all these differing types od situation could still work or be used to get by until I can save for the individual systems for the different areas of photography

I would love to know what you all think and like to use or what you started out with in the beginning to get started with.?

My friend Keith gave me a link to a great sight that I tried my best to read (reading under the influence of pain meds and muscle relaxers) which was a real challenge, to say the least, I assure you. I assure you as soon as I am not altered by these drugs this site will be the first site I go to to seek inofmation. it is called

“The Srobist” 


I sincerely want to thank Keith for telling me about this informative and information packed site. You are truly one of he easiest people I have talked to about photography!

From what I could read and retain in my delirium last night it seemed to be a very well and informative site, packed with information, with honest opinions on ways to save money while getting the best bang for your hard earned ucks.

I would sincerely appreciate any feedback any of you have to offer on the various forms of lighting you like to uses ad while you life the so much

Al of your help and input is and will be greatly appreciated



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Well today I was astounded at just what all you could see with a 35 mm DSLR camera, a galaxy far far way! That is right so far away from the earth but yet my Canon Rebel T5i and 55 –250 mm lens with 3 extension tubes were able to find all these beautifully lit and colorful planets! Well at the time being pain medicine for a dis problem in my neck helped a lot as well. Thank You Manfroto for making a great tripod!

Here is what I discovered in my unique little world today!

A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY 6-20-2014 138At first it appeared to be as any other galaxy, big planets, small planets and moons!

All pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.


A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY 6-20-2014 139

Then suddenly I must have gotten closer to a Nebula or a supernova or even to their sun!

A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY 6-20-2014 143  A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY 6-20-2014 145

A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY 6-20-2014 150  A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY 6-20-2014 148

As you can tell we live on a blue planet and these people live on multicolored planets, perhaps the golden planets are reflecting their sun, but I am assuming anything is possible in deep space even a solar system with a green sun!

A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY 6-20-2014 147  A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY 6-20-2014 149

A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY 6-20-2014 153  A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY 6-20-2014 155 

Could they be shooting stars, or space craft leaving one of the planets? A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY 6-20-2014 160  A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY 6-20-2014 161

A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY 6-20-2014 165  A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY 6-20-2014 166

A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY 6-20-2014 168



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OIL & WATER 6-08-2014 002Good Morning everyone, at least it is here in Virginia, here in the United States. I have made so many new friends through photography on my blog from all around the world, it just amazes me.

This morning I was trying to think of  a post to write about and and the idea came to me, having met so many of you from all around the world , why not ask my new friends. I guess the simplest way is to just ask the question.

Do any of you out there have tips or tricks that you like to use in your photography, homemade do it yourself type things that you have made for your cameras, from flash diffusors , to lighting set ups to do product photography, landscape, macro or otherwise, photography accessories, bags  etc.  that you would care to share with me that you find that makes your photography easier.

One idea that I have been playing around with and looked at on the internet is the making of a homemade light box, ( not a soft box) searches always seem to bring up the soft boxes for jewelry and small product photography, however I would like to make a “Tracing type Light Box” with a frosted glass or acrylic top, if you have an advice on building one or a link to one that you have looked at I would greatly appreciate it.

OIL & WATER 6-08-2014 005What types of lenses do you like to use for your shots, or have you come across really useful gadgets that help you in the type of photography you specialize in?

I watch so many You Tube videos and for ever 10 I watch I know there are 100 I am not seeing as well. I am pretty much self taught, and have a zeal for learning, If you have gadgets,, homemade items, or anything thing that you  would not mind sharing with me, feel free to post the links to or suggestions in the comments section, they all will be watched or read and greatly appreciated.

Perhaps you have run across a favorite You Tube, or website that has really useful information to you and would care to share it with me I would really appreciate it.

If there are even other photographers that you have felt have helped you develop your technique or have helped and would care to share their links with me as well please let me know.

All help, tips, suggestions and links are greatly appreciated.

OIL & WATER 6-08-2014 007I also want to take this time to thank all of my new subscribers over the past several months many of you photographers and from so many parts of the world it is simply amazes me every time I see a WordPress email notification in my inbox. Thank you to all of you!