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PICT0328Often, you have wanted to dress up a basket without adding dyed accents to the body of the basket. Most of my customers prefer to have the more traditional baskets, however everyone wants something different from time to time. Enter the Braided Basket Handle!

Braided handles have been around for a long time and can take on many different forms. Early silver tea and coffee pots often had cane wrapped and braided handles to protect the hands from heat and also just to dress them up a bit.

Basket handles are no different. On basket handles this can vary from the traditional style of braiding to diamond shapes and even twill woven patterns. The patterns are only limited by the limits of your mind. For me the braided handle enables me to express these limits in material form, which enables me to advance in design and technique.

As time goes by I will be adding examples of new designs I have created, however here are just a few examples. The pictures are not the best, as my camera is not the best (or its operator) but I think it will give you some idea of what braided handles are.