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PICT1033I love apples, and I love peanut butter, the two go hand in hand together, this simple salad is easy to make for a single person as well as a large family get together.

It can be as plain as you like, chopped apple with peanut butter dressing, or extravagant as apples, raisins, black or English Walnuts, celery, currants and peanut butter dressing.

There is not much to say on this simple salad, other than it is good served with a meal, or on its own as a dessert, or as an in between meal snack that is good for you.

I like to use a good sweet apple, however I have had with a tart apple also, so you have a sweet tart flavor.

This recipe is pretty much a make and go recipe, you just make it according to your tastes, how much dressing you make depends on you, as well as the other ingredients in the salad. there is no right or wrong way to make it.

If you do love black walnuts like I do, you will find that if you let the salad set in the fridge an hour or so the black walnut flavor is more pronounced through the salad. Also you don’t need to use many black walnuts and often I will use some and mix with English walnuts, since black walnuts are so expensive.


2 Sweet or Tart Apples  (what you have on hand or a combination)

Lemon Juice (to coat the cut up apples to keep from browning)


I/2 rib finely chopped celery

Walnuts (Black or English)

Currants ( optional-if you have them,, if you like them)


3 Tablespoons Peanut Butter

3-5 Tablespoons Mayonnaise

Sugar to Taste

Mix all together, (let the dressing set for a couple of minutes and stir then taste again) as the sugar will dissolve