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New Computer Desk

While this work area is very much different from what I knew as a basket weaver, it certainly does not take up the vast area that basket weaving did.

I have not given up basket weaving, it is just on hold until a time when the limitations of space constraints can allow me to weaver once again. Until then this is my new work area, many things can be worked at within the limitations of a small apartment.

Computer and Research Desk 2 of 12 (2 of 2)  Computer and Research Desk 3 of 12 (1 of 1)

It is amazing what can be accomplished at at 36” x 145” desk, all construcked without screws, just Birch plywood, and pine trim, the one thing to be attached is the pine “L” trim, meant to be used as corner molding on walls, it neatly hides the raw edges of the plywood desk top and shelving.

The desk took 2 full sheets of Birch plywood with nothing wasted, all parts were stained in natural and several coats of varnish applied. All the shelving is supported and seperated by empty cigar boxes fo various shapes and sizes for what I needed. (a very good use for empty cigar boxes)

The desktop is supported by a two drawer file cabinet, my mothers desk, (provides drawers) and a six foot table from Costco.

My 37” flat screen Smart TV., works nicely as my computer monitor with the assistence of an HDMI cable, since i do not watch much television, this double much nicer as a monitor with much better resolution than most computer monitors at a fraction of the price, should I decide to watch something on TV, just change the HDMI input and there is the TV.

This use of the television is wonderful for working in Photoshop and Lightroom. The desk also has my Computer and Research Desk 4 of 12 (1 of 1)research area where I can set and read books and magazines and make notes. Contrary to popular belief there are some of us in this technological age of computers, smart phones, net books, note books, laptops and I-pads that actually still prefer at time to curl up or set at a desk and read from a book or magazine. I will freely admit to getting tired of constantly looking at a monitor, plus you can curl up with a good book or magazine where you cannot with a computer.

This desk/workstation suits a small apartment nicely and make work flow easy for doing websites, blog posts, even some photography as what I call the research end easily fit my foam core and other photographic needs, as well as more space if and when needed in my art room.