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I am finding just like everyone has told me, you just have to get in there and play around with the settings to be the absolute truth. Experience is the best teacher!

What I really need to learn how to do is to be able to show before and after shots of the pictures that I fine tune. I try really hard to have my flowers appear realistic, from what I remember seeing. There is a fine line between washed out and unrealistically saturated. Though I am finding it to be rather easy, perhaps to easy, I will do it and see if someone comments.

It is nice to take a completely washed out picture, that I must admit there are some in which I was having a blonde moment apparently (you cannot tell now, but I was born with blond hair) and take it from hiddeous and resurrect it and bring it back to reality.

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The above were shots of two different types of sunflowers, the first I liked for the contemporary way it turned out running diagonally through the frame with the stamens more in focus. The second, I liked more for the veining detail in the petals. In all the pictures the detail shows up best when enlarged (by clicking on them)

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Below we have Mallard Ducks at Wildwood Park, Bridgewater, Virginia from early this Spring. If you live in the valley, and want a beautiful day in the park along the river, you cannot beat Wildwood Park.

While the second pricture is not a very pretty picture with all the debri from winter rains etc. stuck on the dam, it is hard for me to get to the park during the golden hours, of course it had to be high noon and the sun, glare was brutal off the water, even with a polarizer on the lens, using Lightroom, I was surprised how much better the photograph was able to be made, vs the washed out original.

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