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Thanks to the extreme generosity of a very good friend and fellow basket weaver and chair caner, today I will be buying a domain name and webhosting for a website. I have been studying on everything associated with a static website, which works much like the current blog, with differences and I already know that I will have to learn some coding to make some parts of it happen.

The biggest part is that I can actually offer baskets that I have for sale through the website. Of course I will keep and maintain the blog as usual as an integral part of the website as well. For me it will be nice to see my business name as my domain name. I am certain as with the blog in the beginning there will be a learning curve associated with it.

The most exciting part for me is that I will be able to show the baskets I have for sale. The site will also show chairs that I will have for sale as well with the various styles of seat weaving and hand caning.

If any of you have helpful tips and suggestions for website creation don’t be bashful.