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Well at last Spring is here, and one day I needed a break from hand caning, and decided to go for a walk with my camera. This is the chair that was finished a Hitchcock Style Hand Caned Chair

100_0275    100_0280

As a reward for finishing this chair and a well needed walk, here are some of the sites around the community center where my Basketry & Chair Caning Studio is located, Afton Virginia.

RVCC ~ Rockfish Valley Community Center

The following pictures are of Claudia Gibson Catering, the most beautiful entrance at the center, located in the rear of the center and also the rear entrance that takes you to my studio. I love to walk around back there as it reminds me of my one true passion besides basketry and chair caning and that is flower gardening.

100_0296    100_0291 

100_0285     100_0289

100_0293     100_0292

Around the corner from Claudia’s literally, is where I like to go, which is tucked in between the wings of the old school, in which the community center is located.. This place I refer to as the “Secret Garden” of which Claudia’s is the entrance to!

100_0297     100_0301

Beautiful Azalea’s on your way to the “Secret Garden” along the Lavender Bearded Iris border

100_0299     100_0303

100_0304     100_0305