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I want to thank all of you that prayed for me and voiced concerns over the poor living conditions that I lived in over the past year. Your Prayers and wishes have come to fruition! OH HAPPY DAY!

I will be moving across the mountain, to room with a friend that I have known for years, and know that things will work out fine there, until I can find something more suitable to myself, and closer to my studio in Afton, Virginia.

The drive is just a few miles further than the 42 miles each way I had before, however since I did the Nelson Farmerโ€™s Market for nearly 9 years (I believe) and made multiple trips that way with chairs and baskets over the years, it seems like a short drive in the country to me. So all is good!

This roommate is clean and likes to cook, and I know him NOT to be a Nosy person, things that I was very unaccustomed to in the past,, it was a serious situation that needed to be ended as quickly as possible and it was. All that will be in the past now.

While rooming there I will be looking into affordable housing closer to the studio.

I am really looking forward to getting back on track with a good healthy diet, which has been totally non existent over the past year. I would not care if I never ever saw fast food ever again.

I am very hopeful to once again regain my peace, solitude and quiet contemplation which I have missed so very much.

Spring is a time of renewal and regeneration and that is the way I am looking at this move, a time for me to regain both.