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I am sure most of you have thought I dropped off the face of the earth or given up posting to my blog. Not So, just an adjustment period, since moving on Easter Sunday back to Harrisonburg, VA. Things are going much better from the place I was living.

With this move came the ability to have a much better diet, better sleep and far less hostility than I experienced over the past year. I will not re hash what has been expressed during the past year, a situation that I NEVER want to experience again in my life. So forgetting about the past year is the best thing that I can do for myself altogether.

Now is the time to move forward, in this place I can cook, and actually store food in a refrigerator. My diet is now back to being a high fiber lower carbohydrate diet, I am feeling better with every passing week and my stress level has dropped dramatically.

Once again I can focus on my basketry and chair caning studio, and its growth going forward. Also with this move the time I get to spend in the studio has increased dramatically from what it was.

For the blog in the coming months I am looking forward to posting more on basketry, basketry styles and pictures of basketry, I am hoping to to post pictures on the the blog linked to this one showing pictures of baskets and chairs that I have available in my studio for sale. This blog was started several years ago and I just did not have the where with all to make it happen.

Regular studio hours coming in may 

As for the studio starting the second weekend in May, I will have regular weekend hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so that any of you in the local area that wish to drop in can on those days can. The studio will not be completely set up yet, but it is a working studio, for basketry, chair caning / seat weaving and art. All good things take time.

Rockfish Valley Community Center, has informed me that they now have the banner made for outside my studio room and also are ready to make the sign for the entrance to the center listing “HERITAGE BASKET STUDIO”  on the signage.

I am looking forward to being able to have regular hours of operation, in the beginning I may not have as many baskets as I would like but as the months move forward will have more.