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1988 Mercury Grand Marquis vs Red Angus Steer


It has been a long while since I have really had anything to write a post about lately. So I thought that I would write this post about the accident I had almost two weeks ago on Sunday evening near Charlottesville, Virginia.

I was driving on Rt. 29 South heading towards Charlottesville, actually near the airport about 1/4 to 1/2 mile from the stoplight that takes you to the airport. It was slow on 29 that night and there was a white pick up or SUV in front of me on up the road, I saw him swerve briefly but thought he was changing lanes, then I saw the hazard lights come on and he pulled off the side of the road. I started to change lanes anyway and discovered why he was off the road, he had hit a cow in the road and knocked him down, of course until I saw all of this in pitch black darkness at 8pm I was on top of the bovine (literally on top of him) with my 1988 Mercury Grand Marquis.

As I felt and knew the car was going over the animal and in the air, I just simply said “GOD HELP ME” ! In a split second everything flashed through my mind, I was starting to change lanes to the left lane, so where am I? Am I over the left lane? Headed for the guard rail? Will the car flip over or go into the median? Is there anyone in my way? All in a split second as I was looking up into a dark sky that night.

Then there was an audible voice in the car that said in a firm take charge manner “WE HAVE CONTROL” right then the car hit the pavement, though I did not really feel the impact, other than a slight bounce, my head touch the roof (I say touched because I was worried about my neck) that is all it did the top touched the roof of the car, my glasses flew off of my face and went somewhere in the front of the car, I do not remember steering the car at all until it came to rest on the right side of the road off the shoulder! (DIVINE INTERVENTION) as that is not the way I was headed.

In my dither, I got out and looked at the front of the car and thought WOW! it did not hurt the car. LOL, I actually left the scene and drove up the road thinking how strange the gas pedal seems lower to the floor! When I got to a parking space and got out I saw just what damage was done. The entire front grill of the car was gone, side driving lights were gone, the heavy solid chrome bumper was bent under the car onto itself. The fenders over the front wheels are crinkled up on both sides.

The next day I drove it to Airport Road Auto, where they looked at it and said you should not even be able to drive it at all. As it had twisted the frame, sheared all the motor mounts and the engine dropped into the frame and bent the fan blades.

The mechanics at the auto shop heard of the accident and said it was a full grown Red Angus Steer, the first vehicle to hit it was totaled as well but it was new. My car was only 27 years old, only had liability on it, and needed to go to the crusher.

I feel extremely fortunate that God is Real, and He does hear us when we call to Him for Help, and He does send Help, even to the point to announce an audible presence saying “WE HAVE CONTROL” and they bring you to rest safely on the side of the road.

Now the search for a new used car begins (something I hate doing). While it is nice to have a new used car, the process is so daunting, especially when you are fearful of Lemons (not the fruit) but the cars! I trust that since God was with me then he will be with me in my search for a reliable replacement as well.