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Balcony Flowers (6 of 12)  Varigated Geranium

Varigated Geranium  Balcony Flowers (12 of 12)

It is just so hard to feel motivated to do much at all outdoors when the heat and humidity is so high. One morning this week, due to a good nights sleep and air conditioning, I felt energized to get up early and go out and do some exploring around the country roads through the mountain hollows of easter Rockingham county, which means just close to home. It was 8 am when I left my apartment, actually was simply a beautiful day, partly sunny, perfect for taking pictures, right, until I opened the door! Nonetheless, I thought that I could get some quick pictures, and run back home, cool off and process the images, that was not meant to be a joke, but it turned out to be, within minutes of setting the camera on the tripod and getting ready to snap pictures, my glasses were covered in salty sweat, I looked like someone pushed me into a swimming pool, it did not take me long to figure out that I was just a tad over zealous, I packed all back into the car and returned home. AHHH Air Conditioning!

My Daily Visitor  My Daily Visitor

Balcony Flowers (3 of 8)

As it turned out it was much easier to walk out onto the balcony garden and into my own little microcosm of nature and take pictures and walk back inside to the air conditioning, resulting in a much happier day and much happier me. While on the deck I found my little friend (generally spiders and I do not like each other) however, this one seems to like my Japanese Painted fern and the geranium leaves, he is so small you must look hard to see him and his web. It just looked like a little spider, until I pointed the 55-255mm lens with all 3 extension tubes attached  at it atop the tripod, then the magic of color happened. Amazingly enough it was one of the most brightly colored spiders I have seen, only really visible at this magnification, otherwise it just looked light grey.

The flower picture below the spiders, is a very petite thumbnail size zinnia that was kindly left for me last fall by a bird, totally volunteer and I could not bring myself to pull it out, it is kind of shy, it does not like to show its pretty face, just its backside, so this is what you are looking at.

Below, is a yellow Gerber daisy, partially opened. Below it are two very deep purple fusia geraniums, on with the remnants of the morning dew on its petals.

I have really been hoping that we have some moderately comfortable morning, so that I can get back over to Dayton, however those days have not been this week, perhaps next week.

Balcony Flowers (11 of 12)

Balcony Flowers (7 of 12)  Geranium Blossom