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Summer Foods (1 of 2)I am not trying to repeat a post from years gone by, however I think looking back over the search topics and views of this very simple staple in our salads and on the summer table, considering that as of today the recipe has been viewed 20,495 times, that is almost 3,416 views per year averaged for the past 6 years.

The orgininal post was done on June 22, 2011. I wanted to update the post, with better photography, and give a bit more pizzaz. I also wanted to adress the single most often question searched for. The ratio of vinegar to water, and amount of sugar.

Really, this recipe is one for which there is NO written recipe, you make it, you taste it, and taste it, and adjust to your personal preferences. The only reason the sugar is there is not to make it into a sweet dish, but to mellow the sharpness of the vinegar in the recipe. This recipe is all about the way YOU, like it.

For the bowl I made up and photographed, I used 1 larger cucumber, 1 cup water, 1 tablespoon cider vinegar, about 2 tsp. sugar, pinch of black pepper.

I used a red onion, I had here to add some color, however generally we always used a strong yellow or white onion.

Summer Foods (2 of 2)

Another question frequently searched for is “How long does it keep?” Cucumbers do not last forever, as everyone knows. This recipe is in the fridge for those times you want something but do not know what you want, it is also good served with meals, where you have greasier meat, or with green beans cooked with a ham hock. It is just a little refreshing easy to make dish. I would say they will keep for about a week in the fridge, it is just a good way to use up cucumbers. We always just kept adding another cucumber and onion as needed. Eventually you can tell when you need to make additional vinegar water, or even add a bit of vinegar and sugar.

Since I am diabetic, now anyway, I have started using Whey Low type D for diabetics, it is an all natural low glycemic index combination of sugars, Crystalline Fructose, Lactose Monohydrate (Milk) Made in the USA by Vivalac,  Brookeville, MD 20833