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Skyscapes-Cloudscapes-2When I was young and growing up, it was on the western side of the valley, so we looked primarily at the West Virginia mountains. It was not really until I moved to Elkton, VA. and found myself living up against the Blue Ridge mountains, just beneath the Skyline Drive, that i truly could see why they are called the Blue Ridge. They appear to be blue in color, really most anytime of the day. They even appear blue on the Eastern side of the mountain, in Green County, VA.

Skyscapes-Cloudscapes-11It is really amazing just how different it is between the Blue Ridge (east) and the Alleghany mountains on the western side of the Shenandoah Valley. The two mountain ranges are only 30 miles apart, yet vastly different in form, structure and appearence, and I will add color as well.


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Skyscapes-Cloudscapes-6These photographs were taken last year this time in the spring, I have also noticed how dramatically different the cloud formations seem to be on the eastern side of the valley as compared to the west, actually strikingly different! I am sure it all has to do with mountain height and lay of the land verse atmospheric convection as they pass across the valley.

Skyscapes-Cloudscapes-10I am sure there are photographers out there reading these posts and looking at the photography cringing, however I find it so much easier to learn post processing of photography in Lightroom, with a purpose in mind, which is my blog. If photographers would like to make suggestions please feel free to do so, as I need all the help I can get. I find the best way to learn this program is dive in and play with it……..daily! The best thing I ever did (at the insistance of several professional photographers is to set the camera to RAW and leave it there)!!

In the next week I have several recipes to post to the blog as well. Finally after 5 years I feel like I am getting back to everything thing that used to bring me peace and joy. It is a wonderful feeling!

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