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Tulips-10Even though I know that I cannot cause the Lightroom program to self destruct, it is with great apprehension that I click, Import or Export. I take a deep breath and hope that I can get the pictures where they need to be so that I can place them into blog posts in Jpeg format.

Well, to my shock and amazement the pictures did go to the locaction there were supposed to, what a relief. I am sure if I worked with all the program enough, and on a regular basis, it would become second nature. I am hoping it will.

I did the photography on these tulips last year, and forgot about them, until just now, this is a very pleasant suprise indeed. These were just experiments using my extension tubes, as well as to have things to play with in Lightroom, and learn something in the process.

I hope to make and additional post this week, as I was on the Skyline Drive this afternoon taking pictures and hope to process them this week. I have learned my lesson and the camera NEVER leave RAW mode now! So much more versatility in RAW!!

Green Foliage_-2     

Green Foliage_-4  Green Foliage_-5  Green Foliage_-6

Green Foliage_


Baskets-7Along with learning Lightroom all over again, which I will admit, today seems to be coming back to me fairly quickly. I am also showing work in progress on basket weaving, which I started back to at the start of the year. 2017 seems to be a year or returning to the creative things in life I like to do, basket weaving, photography and all that goes with it, blogging, and watercolor painting, which I have nothing of merit to show for it yet.

I will be making more substinative posts soon, everything I do seems to go hand in hand with blogging, all of which requires photography. It is my desire once I get the Lightroom going again I will be making topical posts with a direction.

Baskets-3  Baskets-8

Baskets  Baskets-9

There are now 3 times as many Oak Hoops and Handles hanging up drying as what these pictures show.