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Well here I go, I have started and stopped so many times, this morning seemed right to me to get started and dig in and see where it takes me. So please forgive any pictures that do not look right, as I have been truly playing around with the settings and adjustments in Light Room, trying to see what I come up with!

I do welcome all comments from the professional photographers that subscribe to my blog to help me know what and where you think I have done something wrong so that I know and can plan on not doing that again.

You have to start somewhere and here is where I started let me know for good or bad, over done, under done, or no where near the ball park! LOL Smile

Floral Close Up Photography (1 of 1)  Babies Breath

Stock Close Up (1 of 1)  Sunflower Close Up (1 of 1) 

Tulip Close Up (1 of 1)  Sunflower Interior (1 of 1)