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IMG_4367Sometimes in the course of life we change, the space around us changes, things just simply in our lives change, and we need to change with it, lest we are contantly fighting the tides of life.

When I started this blog many years ago now, it was all about basket weaving and chair caning/seat weaving. Then during a slower period in those things I needed to post something so I started posting about Mennonite and Amish recipes, cooking and canning etc. Things which I grew up with in life and thought readers might enjoy those things as well. They did and they are still some of the most read posts on the blog.

IMG_4375Blogs/websites tend to require a good bit of photography, something of which I have always been interested in and never had a real reason for perusing it, until the blog came along. I have never been one during film days to take pictures just for the sake of takiing pictures, so this gave me a real reason to persue photography. In all aspects of the blog photography is sort of a requirement to illustrate what you are trying to convey in words.

IMG_4398Unfortunately life gets in the way yet again. I love to cook and to do home canning etc. Well unfortunately I have a long history of blood sugar problems in my family and no matter what or how we try to get around it genetics seems to rear its ugly head and keep us from doing things we love to do. Since with all recipes I would make them and photograph and post them, (and of course eat what you have made)! By now you may have guessed this is hard to do when you have sugar problems. I have made things and fattened my neighbors up by giving what I make away. That cannot go on forever though.

IMG_4405I am also the minority that does not like sugar substitutes and do not use nor consume them, so when you cut out โ€œWheatโ€ , Sugar and Sugar Substitutes from you diet this does not really leave much room for cooking or experimentation or recipe developement to write about. Over the last year since cutting 99.99% of all wheat products from my diet, my blood sugars are starting to return to normal levels.

IMG_4497The Chair Caning/Seat Weaving was given up this past year due to cervical spine issues and was a sad time in my life indeed. However basket weaving is still ongoing, even though you could not tell that in baskets over the past 5 years. Space constraints have made it hard to persue, but I always hold out hopes and do not give up on this.

When one has to deal with space constraints you tend to find yourself reaching back into your past history, and drawing on things you have done in the past and bringing them to the present once again! Enter watercolor and oil painiting, and photography. There again photography is a needed and requirement for the blog. I cannot say that the painting is as good as basket weaving, however it does fill the creative void in my life, and we can only practice until we get good at it. If not for anything else, I do it for the sheer enjoyment of doing it!

IMG_4488In the coming months you will see more photography on this blog, of people, places and things, as well as a sister blog to this one that deals with my journey of photography itself. I will soon be posting pictures that I have taken and processed in Lightroom, this week I will be able to put them on and external hard drive and get on with learning to do things in Lightroom and Photoshop, The pictures posted today are jpegs taken at the same time I was shooting in RAW. All of my past pictues used in posting to the blog are still on the old laptop, which  I need to try and get transferred over, if not I will just take new ones, good practice. hopefully!