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IMG_4405Good Morning Everyon! I am setting at my computer right now because I got about 2 miles into my 5 mile morning walk, and of course it started to rain! So if the weather man is right (imagine that one) it should be sunny this afternoon and I will take it then.

IMG_4398Over the past several weeks I have started learning to shoot my pictures in RAW/Manual and am loving it. I just cannot figure out why I did not listen to everyone before and do it earlier. I am also learning to post process the RAW files in Adobe Lightroom, which I am loving also. The only problem I have right now is figuring out how to get them from Lightroom back to the folders so that I can include the processed images in my blog post from Windows Live Writer. I believe I am about there, as through a Lightroom tutorial I learned this is what the export button does. However when I look in the folder there are all the unprocessed images, not corrected. So it will just take a little more time to figure it all out.

IMG_4340So today I will include the jpeg images that have not been processed that I can post with this blog post. It is a good thing I shot my pictures in RAW +1 jpeg. Otherwise I would not have these to post. I will need to learn to process the RAW images and convert the them to jpegs to post in the blog. So for now I will keep on shooting in RAW + 1 jpeg. I am sure it is easy, I just not seeing how to accomplish it yet.

There will be many more posts to come, especially after I get through the learning curve.

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