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TulipsI have had so many things going on in my life lately and trying to deal with everything. The big part of my life lately is the slow death of yet another laptop! The second and there will never ever be a third!

I have learned a valuable lesson over the last 8 years with laptops, the are not built to last, they are designed to start dying after 3 years of use. This may be fine for Bill and Melinda Gates that can afford to run out ever other year and buy a brand spanking new one, but not me!

This time I opted for a desktop with traditional tower and every single component in the tower is replacable, should the sound card die, replace that and only that! Should the video card crap out, replace only that! No this time the ankle bone is NOT connected to the leg bone and so on!

Now we come to the bane of my existence Windows, got to have it, however after living through the horrible, terrible and anyother bad words you can think of to associate with Windows 8 & 8.1 go ahead, I am sure it is nothing compared to what I have thought or said already. Nothing ever made me want to throw away computers altogether more than Windows 8 & 8.1 and just go back to the pre computer days and days of land line phones like those two Windows programs did. (I just may one day go back to a landline) who knows. I purposely do not carry my cell phone with me all the time, like I say it is NOT a vital organ like a heart, kidney or lung. Phones are NOT vital to my existence here on earth!

HydrangeasNow back to the Windows Saga, my desktop came with Windows 7 Professional, YAY!!! Get out the party hats, horns and noise makers!!! So many people have said take advantage of the FREE Windows 10 upgrade, it is the best of Windows 7 & 8, (to my knowledge there is NOTHING GREAT AT ALL ABOUT WINDOWS 8! Scourge of the earth! I want nothing to do with Windows 8 & 8.1 at all, never want to see, touch, feel it or even look at it ever again!

I was told by the computer guy that owns the shop where I bought the computer, that Windows 7 Professional will be updated through the year 2020, that is just fine by me, none of us knows if we will be here in the 2020 even. So I am happy with Windows 7 Professional

I would love your feed back on Windows 10, those of you who use it already, what do you like about it?

Does it look, act or feel like any part of Windows 8 & 8.1? Just curious, because on Windows 7 Pro, it is great you can actually find where things used to be and get there and back again. I do not want to look at 10,000 app tiles that I have no clue what they are, how you use them or even how to get rid of them! I just want to see a desktop with small icons on it and that will tickle me to absolute death!

ChrysanthemumPlease share your feed back with me on Windows 10, perhaps I am missing something.