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IMG_4129Today was the first nice day in several weeks of wintry and bitterly cold weather. This post really is not about anything special, other than going out today to Bear-Lithia Spring, to fill my gallon jugs with water. While there I took more pictures, though this time I remembered to use the polarizing filter.

The first three pictures, the one above and the two below, I just liked how the light was reflecting off of and showing the rocks and plant life beneath the water

IMG_4128  IMG_4130

These pictures were taken in the darkest part of the stream that flows from the spring. I liked the way the light was reflecting off the darkest background.

IMG_4131  IMG_4133

Today the greens reminded me of the coming of Spring so bright and vibrant!

IMG_4132  IMG_4134

IMG_4136  IMG_4137

I just love the fresh bright greens, and flowing water. I like the tranquility at the spring.

IMG_4138  IMG_4140

IMG_4141  IMG_4142

IMG_4148  IMG_4145