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IMG_4008What could be better on a dark, bleak, cold and snowy day than a bouquet of small yellow roses! While shopping the other day which happened to be valentines day (I don’t have a valentine) so I gave myself a bouquet of lovely roses to brighten my week. Well of course I had photography in mind when I did. Today while the weather was bad I thought I would see what all I could do with them.

IMG_4069  IMG_4075

Slowly learning how to operate my digital camera (seems to be a life long endeavor) one day I will tackle all of the menus! Today I started in auto focus, then decided that NO the camera would not self destruct if I turned the knob to “P” . Guess what the camera is still on piece. So the majority of what is in this post was shot in “P” mode and manually focused.

IMG_4074  IMG_4087

My camera was mounted on my tripod, in my art room. The lighting was a construction site type of clamp on with a aluminum reflector with a 23 watt twisty bulb and a paper towel clamped to the reflector using it as a diffusor.

IMG_4088  IMG_4090

In the first pictures I was using kit lens 55-250mmm, the close up pictures were taken with various combinations of a set of 3 extension tubes attached, the final pictures were taken with the same lens and all three extension tubes attached.

IMG_4096  IMG_4100

IMG_4102  IMG_4113

IMG_4117  IMG_4126

IMG_4120  IMG_4127