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IMG_3990Today was NOT a day to run around my part of Virginia taking pictures, while it was 34 degrees for a high here today, the wind chill felt like 25 degrees. Yes it was windy, but I cabin fever and also wanted to test my new camera card, the old one filled up with 958 pictures on it. When I put the new card in it said 5,000 pictures!! Oh my, we must do something about that and get out and about today, so I did. The pictures would have turned out far better had I had the polarizer on the lens but my hands were to cold to fool around screwing it on.

IMG_3991  IMG_3992

My goal in the coming months is to put the camera on RAW, and learn to shoot in RAW, then the card will not say 5,000 pictures any longer but perhaps 1/4 of that amount, if you are a photographer feel free to correct me on that figure, I know it is considerably less shooting in RAW. The upside to shooting in RAW is that you can edit your images much better in Light Room and Photoshop.

IMG_3998  IMG_3989

IMG_3986  IMG_3984


IMG_4006I also took a couple pictures at BearLithia Springs. Lithia Springs, are springs that contain Lithia Salts. it is only about 2 miles from where I live. I get about 8 gallons of water a week there. I will write more and include links to the springs later, when I am not frozen and the camera is steadier than it was today, more like when the person holding the camera is steadier thus, the camera will be steady.

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