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IMG_3626There is only a day or two until Christmas day, however since the weather seems more like spring outside, I thought that I would look back over some of my photographs I took and never posted about until now.

One day I was sitting on my balcony and noticed the sun coming through the giant elephant ear leaves next to me and grabbed the camera, the sun shining through the leaves really highlighted the bold central veins but even more so the delicate tiny veins that make up the leaves, almost reminding me of waves on a seashore.

Giant Black Elephant Ear Leaves

IMG_3627  IMG_3628

IMG_3629  IMG_3630

Giant Green Elephant Ear Leaves

IMG_3631  IMG_3632



Also on that same day my Phalaenopsis  Orchids were in bloom, actually from new flower spikes initiated this summer.

IMG_3618  IMG_3619

IMG_3621  IMG_3620

IMG_3624  IMG_3623