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IMG_3768Well there are not very many times that you can be sitting on the balcony on December 16th, and at 9:30 am have it be 59 degrees, while sitting there looking at my Passion Flower vine that just refuses to succumb to winter (what winter)?  More like spring, in front of it was 3 tiny Nasturtiums that had sprouted from seed dropped this summer. I could not resist getting the camera while the sun was shining through them with water drops on their very tiny leaves.

I could not get the tripod situated in the right configuration, so I knelt in front of the container and braced the camera and wrists on the container, I am hoping this helped.

IMG_3776I will be taking more close up and landscape photographs this year, as I will be beefing up on my drawing skills so that I can hopefully start working on Botanical Watercolors, as well as variations that can be done in Oils as well as landscapes both from pictures and from the pictures I see in my mind.

Watercolors, Oils and Soft Pastels all have techniques shared between them as far as color, color mixing and textures, it is very interesting to see how all of these transform into their own paintings in their respective applications of the medium to the ground or surface. I am really looking forward to getting back to life as a learning experience.

IMG_3780Art incorporates a learning experience in many forms, photography of what is done and for writing of blog posts, the experience of the art forms themselves, experiencing nature going out with the camera to spend time in nature to find things to photograph. I will just be nice to be active in an art form once again.

IMG_3786This picture is out of focus, and very possibly I shook as I hit the shutter button, however I remember the water droplet capturing the rays of the sun right when I hit the button, so it was just cool looking at the sun through the water droplet

The following are some shots of the Passion Flower Vine that guards the baby Nasturtiums!

IMG_3778  IMG_3783

IMG_3784  IMG_3785


This is Salvia a perennial form which has the tubular cobalt blue flowers on that the hummingbirds love. It too is is trying to hold on and is persistently green. I liked the sun shining through its green leaves this morning.

IMG_3791  IMG_3790