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IMG_3755Here we are in mid December, and I was up at 4:30 this morning with my coffee sitting on my balcony enjoying a 55 degree morning. It is wonderful to listen to the quietness of the early mornings, especially this time of the year when usually I would be inside with the heat on! So far this winter I have not had the heat one one time so far.

IMG_3755About 7am this morning my attention was brought to the sky, absolutely brilliant! Pictures just cannot do justice to the beauty that God creates in the morning sky, like a painter with a brush. However, I have learned to capture the moment as quickly as possible predawn skies like sunsets are fleeting at best, you must be ready to catch them immediately for in seconds they can be gone until another day.

As with most of the pictures from my camera, it seems they show much more vibrancy and detail, when enlarged, you can do this by clicking on them.

IMG_3756  IMG_3757