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IMG_3607Well this has been a long awaited month for me, I started canning in earnest this month, even though I had done a little upon moving into my apartment 1 year and 9 months ago. This year I am stocking up on home canned goods much as I used to do when I lived in Bridgewater.

IMG_3609The last two weeks have been busy for me. I started off by taking advantage of chicken leg quarters on sale, and making and canning chicken broth, chicken and broth, and chicken vegetable soup.

This past week, I was not planning on canning all the meat that I did, but you have to take advantage of sales as they come along, and this week two stores that I shop at had extremely good “Come On” Sales. We always called them “Come On Sales” due to the fact usually in the meat department prices on a product that are too good to be true as compared to the regular price. This week it was Whole Pork Loins $1.88 per pound. and Boston Butt, for $1.38 per pound.

IMG_3608While the second store had boneless skinless chicken breast for $1.99 per pound and pork shoulders for $1.29 per pound.

I simmered the pork shoulder for the broth, then canned the pork shoulder meat in the pork both (pints) the broth in quarts. The pork loins were canned in pints, the chicken breasts in pints. I also picked and canned 15 quarts of Roma Italian green beans.

IMG_3611In the coming week I will be canning and freezing a couple of bushels of peaches (my absolute favorite fruit) that I have not had in over 5 years. I just cannot stand store bought canned peaches as they tend to be bland and flavorless or canned in heavy syrup, I use extra light syrup. What is not canned will be IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) on trays then vacuum sealed.

The picture above also shows my trusty near 100 year old metal to metal seal pressure canner, the forerunner of the All American Pressure canners. I would say in my lifetime since I was 16 years old when I bought it at a second hand shop (it was ancient then) LOL It was modified by replacing the old petcock safety valve with a Mirr-O-Matic weighted valve, by my Old Order Mennonite Bishop, in my horse and buggy days. Over my time it has canned many thousands of pints and quarts of foods.

IMG_3612I feel this week I am regaining the old me, returning to a normal way of life. and the things that you do all through the year! I FEEL AMAZING AGAIN~

I also need to give a special THANK YOU, to my good friend Elizabeth Scott of Harrisonburg, who upon her moving gave me quite a few dozen canning jars  to get started again. THANK YOU SO MUCH  ELIZABETH!!!!

IMG_3610  IMG_3612

Above is pork broth from the shoulder and a couple quarts with shoulder meat and broth. On the Right side picture, (left side) Canned Pork Loin, (right side) canned Pork Shoulder meat in pork broth.

IMG_3614  IMG_3615

Left picture Roma Italian Green Beans (my absolute favorite) Right picture is tonight’s canning project a canner load of canned butter beans and small read beans.

That is it for canning up till now, next well be the peaches, then it will quiet down until Autumn’s Apple Season for Applesauce and Apple Butter, oops forgot the pears late summer, early fall.