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IMG_3520For the last several months my laptop has been freezing up, needing to be restarted up to 12 times a day, says I have no internet connection when I do have one.

The list goes on and on, a good friend in the Netherlands teamed up with me on Team Viewer and what he did helped for about 4 days then back to the way things were, except now it just freezes up all the time.

It is important to me to continue buying my way out of bohemia and working on getting my old life back which must seen exceedingly boring to most people but it was my life and I was happy, gardening, cooking, canning, doing watercolor painting and card making, basket weaving etc. All this made the topics I wrote me blog posts about. Basically it means going back 4 years and picking up where things left off. and continuing on.

A new computer was not in the forecast of purchases, and as I have found laptops are basically junk manufactured to last only a max of 4 years. NO MORE LAPTOPS, I WILL ONLY BUY A NEW DESK TOP THIS TIME AROUND.

IMG_3523Well this is just meant as an informative blog post should no one see a blog post for months this is why. In all likelihood we are looking at sometime after the first of the year before it is replaced.

I use art as a means of relaxation, something that the Drs. tell me that I need more of (relaxation) so the things that I have waited for 4 years to replace will be replaced first.

This year is the first year I will be back to canning, freezing and preserving and dehydrating, in 4 years. I am hoping that if I lay my hands on my laptop and pray for it, some way some how it will repair itself long enough to be able to make the blog posts about canning etc. this summer. This week I will go and pick up my first two bushels of peaches at the orchard to can and freeze. So hopefully it will not freeze up  or continue to do so and I can get these posts made. I also have several rows of green beans planted at some dear friends that offered several unused rows in their garden for me to use and plant.

I will be looking to buy some crab apples, summer and fall apples and pears to preserve. So some good photography and blog posts coming if I can get the computer to co-operate with me long enough to get them posted.