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I do not really have much to write about today, just wanted to show off my balcony garden. I will let the pictures do the talking for the most part. I am just happy to have this little slice of heaven right outside my kitchen door.

IMG_3491  IMG_3490

Nasturtium Blossoms with an extension tube on, should have used the tripod but was too lazy this morning.

IMG_3496  IMG_3514

These are the nasturtiums planted in the container with the Olla watering system, everything planted with this Olla is huge and it is only the end of May!

IMG_3499  IMG_3501

IMG_3502  IMG_3500

The picture above shows all the Black Eyed Susan vines, passion flower vine, and a cardinal vine, I will admit that I am having a problem with a Grackle bird wanting to nip the tops out of my vines and salvias for nesting materials. though he/she has helped the passion flower vine by nipping the top 4” out, it now has 8 new lateral vines shooting up at each leaf juncture. I would rather he/she leave that for me to decide. so I will be purchasing several rubber snake to place strategically around to entertain the Grackle.

IMG_3503  IMG_3504

IMG_3508  IMG_3509

IMG_3510  IMG_3511

IMG_3512  IMG_3513

Most of my geraniums in full bloom, they will be rewarded with some Osmocote time release, and Super Bloom fertilizers as soon as I can get to Lowes for them.

IMG_3506  IMG_3505


My Phaelenopsis orchids, this one did not initiate buds until the end of winter, and in time to be set outside where he seems to love the climate, all the other three, suffered from bud blast, due to lack of humidity over the winter and almost bloomed and then dropped them all. I need to get a humidifier for the apartment next winter. I am hoping to do a step by step post on the repotting and root trimming of the 3 orchids not in bloom, very soon. These geraniums seem to love the bottom shelf of the orchid stand.