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IMG_3179People often ask me why I keep busy at doing various forms of art work all the time to sell, well I like to keep busy and not being one that ever got into television watching or computer games, I always kept busy in the perennial boarders and my roses or the vegetable gardens, canning etc. With those seemingly erased from my life at this point that only leaves art work to do for entertainment. The gardens were more of a daily ongoing concern, always something to do, change, move, divide or transplant, water and feed, dead head and a constant source of exercise! I miss it so much. That only leaves working on the various forms art work, keeping my mind creative and stimulated, through color and texture, much like gardening provided.

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My small balcony garden offers a limited smaller version of the gardening but not near enough to keep my mind active and occupied through the course of each day, an hour or two perhaps. I am happy for what I have none the less along these lines. Without it who knows how many art forms I would have my fingers in.

IMG_3181All of this keeps me busy with photography for the blog as well as writing posts. Someone asked one day and I have had several authors over the years ask me to write a book based on the blog, I never thought of myself as a writer really. That being said though, when you write about gardening, it is generally assumed that you have a garden to work in and photograph the things that you do with your hands various times of the year. The same with cooking and home canning /preserving. I could write about container gardening in a limited space, or more likely write about all the various art forms I like to pursue. Hopefully one day I will be able to figure it all out and write about something that I do.

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Todays blog post is mostly taking pictures with my kit lenses and extension tubes. I am hopeful soon to be able to get out and take pictures of the mountains that surround me here. My neck will not allow me to carry the camera around my neck. So this project is on the back burner for now. Hopefully be before the end of summer though.

IMG_3218It seems I have become proficient at container gardening, albeit I truly miss my perennial borders and David Austin Roses. Every year I try to see what new flowers I can add to the balcony garden, to make it new and different while keeping with the old faithful and ever blooming color of geraniums.

This year I have added a Passion Flower Vine, Thunbergia (Black Eyed Susan Vines) 1 each bright yellow and brilliant orange. Heavenly Blue Morning Glories, in addition to the Cardinal Vine and a volunteer Moon Flower Vine.

IMG_3182  IMG_3185

Mostly the vines are for vertical interest and color, as well as shade on the balcony from the harsh west sun in the evenings. I am not certain what the two pots of Sweet Pea Vines are going to do they are growing but fear intensely hot and humid weather will snuff them out before they can flower.

IMG_3215Along with the flowers I planted a whole pack of Italian Parsley due to poor germination rate, well guess what, I must have had a 100% germination rate, as I have enough to feed a small country! The same goes for my Basil. I love to cook with both, and was going to be happy if I got one plant to come up LOL the joke is on me.

There may be several Wave Petunias, and several Chartreuse Sweet Potato Vines, then the balcony garden will be complete. In all honesty during the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons I spend most of my time in the container gardens and on the balcony preening over my babies, I simply do not know what I would do without them, life would be utterly boring!

I must stop, I took about 200 photographs Sunday, enough for a multitude of blog posts. Needless to say I should not try to cram them all into one blog post. I did take one that I like that is out of the ordinary for me, that of a door hinge and trim on the balcony closet.