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IMG_3066This morning I was up early at 4 am. It was a beautiful morning cool in the fifties, just a wonderful time of the day, the sun is not even close to being up, yet all the birds are starting to wake up and chirp. It just is the best time of the day, everything changes from second to second. Your mind gets lost in the quietness of the morning.

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At the predawn  hours just as the sky starts to lighten and you start to see the clouds and low hanging fog on the mountains, a perfect time to grab the camera and see what things really look like. Spring is a beautiful time of the year as the sun just peeps up and shines across the mountain ridges and through the fresh young leaves on the trees, and gently casts its shadows across the rolling hills. I just have to keep on snapping the shutter button afraid of missing a special moment that only lasts a fleeting second.

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Then I am drawn to the beautiful clouds against the blue morning sky, every changing in their shapes and hues as the catch the sun rising. Breathtaking beauty! I am so glad that I am a morning person and get to enjoy God’s creation at both sunset.

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