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IMG_3058Well this is the first post in a very long time (years) on any chairs, I have these wonderful chairs from Leesburg VA. I wanted to show my customer the progress on the chairs. I had to wait a while for the foam inserts. However they arrived and I have been working on these chairs.

As much as I would love to tell people I am actively weaving all the different styles of chairs once again, I cannot. My apartment is only large enough in the space I have to do the splint bottoms, as the other styles either take too much space, make too much noise (hammering, drilling out holes or gluing and clamping) or in the case of hand caning require a low caning table which takes up too much floor space (this low table saves my neck from looking down constantly)

IMG_3056  IMG_3061

I should have these 3 chairs completed this week. I will post the progress of the work as it is done and the finished products in the final post.

IMG_3060  IMG_3062