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IMG_3042It is just amazing how much pleasure cold weather flowers like Violas give you when nothing else is growing let alone blooming. Since March mine has been blooming everyday non stop, growing larger everyday that passes by.


Alas, it is now May, and as most people do when the warm weather has set in and like stampedes of wild animals crossing the Serengeti, in their annual migration to the Mennonite Greenhouses fearful of the feeding frenzy that lie before them. This annual migration is slow at the start and ramps up to a pitched fever the week of Mother’s Day, fearful that nothing will be left in 15 greenhouses.

IMG_3041  IMG_3048

IMG_3043  IMG_3050

IMG_3044  IMG_3038

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These pictures below, makes the balcony looks so drab and boring, however in the coming months it will have wave petunias as floor level billowing out over the decking. as well as several Chartreuse Sweet Potato vines.

IMG_3054  IMG_3053

For me with knowledge comes wisdom, “don’t wait until the week of Mother’s Day” simple go before the feeding frenzy begins and that is just what I did thanks to my friend Diane Bowman of Rawley Springs, VA, who drove across the valley to pick me up and drive me almost to the western side (which she is from) and back to the eastern side just to make sure that I had my geraniums this year.

This year Steve and Stella Showalter owners of Evergrowing Greenhouses had raised Passiflora Caerulea, which I have always wanted to try growing and never had the chance. This year I will. I planted in the container with the clay Ollas, so that it will get constant and regular watering and food. I was told that it is a rapid grower, good for screening with lush waxy foliage and will bloom this year, late summer to fall, and should bare the egg sized orange passion fruit.

Yesterday I had my first garden visitor, a lovely ruby throated hummingbird, came up and looked at all of the geraniums and wondered where his flowers were? I told him they were coming he just has to be patient and they will be here in about two weeks. Salvia Guaranitica, Cardinal Vines, Heavenly Blue Morning Glories, Thunbergia.



I also priced a hummingbird feeder since I had so many looking at flowers last year. The problem with living 15-20 miles from a major town is that you pay twice as much for everything, something I detest, but over the past several years have gotten used to doing it.

The last little thing is a small table that I found at the Family Dollar down the street so that I can set out on the balcony and enjoy the fruits of my labor. Smile

I am hoping as the season goes forward I can add my own hummingbird images here, as well as more of my flower gardens.