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Picture above is the car that died in the crash with the Angus Steer, thankfully I was alright.

This weekend a good friend did something very unexpected this weekend for me, something I will admit that I never thought of. I knew about programs like Kick Starter, but did not know about Go Fund Me. Franklin Kleckner of Charlottesville,Virginia started a Go Fund Me account for me. He had asked me if he could take my picture, sure I said, well the only thing that would make the picture look better would have been a paper bag. Now I know why I like taking pictures of flowers, they always look beautiful! LOL

In January I had an unfortunate accident where I ran over an Angus Steer laying in the right lane of Rt 29 South about 1/4 mile from the Airport Road stop light. Well the car was totaled, as anyone may have guessed I was driving a 1988 Mercury Grand Marquis (only 27 years old). You can read the post I made about it here. The Car Crash & The Red Angus Steer ,

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I do not have the way nor the means to go out and buy a used car, so for the past 3 months I have had a good set of friends willing to shuttle me to Harrisonburg, about 20 miles from where I live for doctor appointments and groceries etc. I can tell you how much I appreciate the kindness of these people for doing this, but how much I miss the independence of doing it all myself. Franklin knew that it would take several years for me to save enough money to be able to buy a reliable car, unfortunately the Grand Marquis was anything but reliable, breaking down every couple of months. (but when it did run it got me there) never was certain it would get me back but it did get me there. Smile 

Really all that I can say is Thank You Franklin for know about this and trying to make it possible to return to an independent life once again.

Anyone wanting to see the page Franklin started for me can do so by clicking on this link. Go Fund Me / Hit A Cow

I cannot say THANK YOU ENOUGH, to anyone feeling led to help, I am not good at asking for help from others. In this instance I think Franklin knew this and saw that it would take me a very long time on my own to save. Again Thanks To and Anyone that feels led to help!