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Note: All photographs can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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What a beautiful day this has been, cool this morning and warm this afternoon! For me this unplanned adventure in photography happened quite by accident, walking past the freezer where I usually have my photography things set up (ie, black and white tri fold foam core presentation boards) upon passing by a rock that has been a rock that my grandmother found in the garden one day, she cleaned it up and low and behold my mother kept it as I have kept it.

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I wondered to myself I wonder what it would look like, up close, as I had all three extension tubes on the camera and the tripods sitting there so I started taking pictures, one thing led to another and well I had taken pictures of all sorts of things. This was also good practice as I have not set the camera back to auto focus since turning it to manual, aperture and shutter priority, and just playing with all the settings and buttons.

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I had also cleaned out my rabbits foot fern this morning and went to throw away all the dead fronds, and something said don’t throw those away see what you can do with them so I did. Even a simple small watercolor painting I did in 2004 has many interesting things to reveal. (first six pictures of this post)

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Of course with my violas going nuts in the containers I just have to find them in photography while they are here during these cooler days. Nasturtiums sprouting, I will admit they are interesting from the day they break from the ground, and Bellis the little red perennial daisy always has something to show.

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You would be surprised how the grain of ordinary wood shows up in photography. A simple dried onion skin, can surprise you. The lighting in the kitchen is not always the best, as I need to get a couple of cheap goose neck lamps to set on the freezer when I take pictures. However I did discover while playing around with the camera in Live View, that sometimes the darkest picture that you can barely make out will reveal a beautiful thing if you press the shutter button.

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Ordinary things often overlooked can reveal interesting shapes a plain old broom, blue ceramic lid to a ceramic jar, even a green glass orange juicer, can reveal hidden secrets in graceful lines and curves.

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