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IMG_2715All I can really say is WOW, I had no idea a DSLR camera could do all that it can do! Once I got over the fear of pressing buttons, fearing that I would permanently screw something up and found that when I turned a knob that it would NOT set the camera to Auto Self Destruct in 20 seconds, things went much better!



IMG_2727So far I can tell you I have no clue as to what I am doing, though learning bits here and there, now You Tube videos make much more sense as I know now what they are referring to (kind of).  Also for the first time I found a video that showed exactly what the difference in shooting in Jpeg vs RAW is all about and why people shoot in RAW.

Raw vs JPEG: Real-world photography examples, advantages and disadvantages


IMG_2700For now just experimenting with settings and everything on the camera, it is sad to think you can own a camera for 3 years and be afraid to use it. This post has pictures from my experiments.


IMG_2687  IMG_2689

IMG_2562  IMG_2557

IMG_2560  IMG_2570

IMG_2693  IMG_2699

IMG_2654  IMG_2655