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IMG_2370It has been a most trying 3 or so years, since I was able to sit down in a weaving space and actually get to enjoy weaving without pent up stress, anger and hostility. However, now it seems I have moved past that and this time I will let no one stand in my way of doing my hobby.

In January I had an accident on Rt. 29 near Charlottesville Airport, which totaled my 27 year old car, read about in in this post,

The Car Crash & The Red Angus Steer

to this date I am still without a car, with all sorts of free time on my hands.

IMG_2373Now instead of wondering what to do with all this free time, and no place to go, I will get back to life with basket weaving. I just need to replace reeds that I am out of and purchase some handles / hoops and many of my idle hours will be filled with what I have loved to do over the past 22+ years.

Though I have been asked 71 times in the past year to hand cane chairs and all the other various forms of seat weaving, now as then I still have to turn them all away, due to lack of space in my apartment, plus noise associated with some of them like Rush work, where you tap the rounds of rush going around the seat to keep them square, just not something you want to be doing constantly in an apartment with people under and over you. So basket weaving is quiet and that is what I will be doing until such a time as I can afford a car, which looks to be quite a long time.

IMG_2375I am thankful I have a long time art form that I love doing that can fill these otherwise idle hours. All of the baskets shown pictures in various forms of completion were started several years ago, I have been working today on the one at the top of the page and it close to completion, then will be stained and ready to (where I have no idea) but at least I can say that it is done. The others may look a bit lopsided however as I moisten, weave and shape the baskets they will take shape nicely.

IMG_2376Ahhh, this basket is the Full Fanny Sea Grass Ribbed Basket, the are time consuming but look so nice done in sea grass. I want to finish this one and get its shape to what it should be. This is only the 3rd basket like this I have woven in 22 years, I thought the after the second one that would be the last, but as you can see NEVER SAY NEVER.

I am also looking to weave several Zig Zag Twill Baskets, I have wanted to do more of these for so so long, however you have to be in a mind set without anger,bitterness and hostility, something I have had lots of in past years, now I feel much better since I have regained a stable living situation and a healthy diet once again. When weaving free form baskets ever round you make with the weavers determines the end result, you do do not realize how a little firmer pull on the weaver can absolutely destroy the shape of the basket.

For some reason I could not get the picture of the Zig Zag Twill Vase basket to copy to this post, if you click on this link it will take you to the post where it is pictured. 

Fibonacci Sequence Used in Basketry

I am hopeful to start be able to pick up where I left off several years ago and activate and post pictures of my new baskets to a separate blog linked to this one that will show all the current baskets being woven. The blog is started but never was able to weave baskets for it until now. IMG_2379